Danny’s chocolate isn’t just for little scamps, but they they do always enjoy the crazy creations he has to offer, from mallowy marshmallow to yellow bellied banana, Danny throws in a whole host of flavours to satisfy a naughty sweet tooth. He uses only the most mouth-watering, Colombian cacao in his chocolate, and he sets the same high standards for anything else that finds its way into his weird and wonderful concoctions.

Danny’s mum and dad named their whole chocolate adventure after their first son- because what kid (and big kid) doesn’t dreams of going to a chocolate factory and having a chocolate bar named after them. They made sure that the chocolate was made with a cheeky sense of humour, and to ensure the fudge pieces weren’t being scrimped on, they make all their chocolate in the family-owned factory in Stoke; from uncles sprinkling tiny sprinkles of strawberry to aunties making sure the shop runs smoothly, it’s truly a family affair.


Not only does Danny have his loving family make sure his chocolate is of the very best quality for all you whippersnappers; he has tried and tested the seven best flavours combinations that will get mum and dads dreaming about their beloved childhood snacks and kids excited to try their new favourites. So go on, unleash your inner rascal (or tame your mini-one) and grab yourself the very best chocolate your taste buds will ever have the pleasure of experiencing, and sit-back, relax and prepare to drift away on a chocolate-coated cruise of a lifetime. Bon voyage, you lucky little urchins!

Danny’s Chocolates
Montrose House,
Montrose Street,
Stoke On Trent,
United Kingdom, ST4 3PB